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In Italy, elegance is visible everywhere, in every street, in every town.A country with a great culture and an exceptional heritage. The Italy doesn’t only live on his legacy , No! “Belpaese” – that is to say the “beautiful country” – continues today to produce and innovate in the field of elegance.

Where does this affinity between Italians and elegance? One answer we can give is the following: in Italy elegance is everywhere. Indeed, thanks to the tradition of sewing and expertise Italian craftsmanship, elegance and fashion, which count as one of the economic assets of the country, continue to influence the Italians in their clothing habits. Italy remains the best leader in the production of shoes. They are indeed made of a very high quality and symbolize elegance Made in Italy worldwide. cavalli 2  Moreover, with the figureheads Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Cavalli, Cerruti etc.. Italy is known for being the birthplace  some of the greatest designers of the twentieth century. Also recall that Milan is as Paris the world capital of haute couture. All major Italian cities have a neighborhood or a place devoted entirely to jewelery, luxury and high fashion Italian. valentino  But in Italy, fashion and elegance are not reserved for the elite. As Italy continues to manufacture quality production within the reach of every budget. In Rome, for example, you will find what you want to be dressed “Italian” for a reasonable price. If Italy inspires you, you can now organise an amazing travel to “belpaese”, do shopping to best prices, moreover sleep to Rome is rather economical. This article was produced in collaboration with Maya Verte, a talented web editor.

And finally I wanted to share you my two favorites Italians bloggers.

This is Dario Fatttore! His style is absolutely amazing, it’s so pleasant and interesting to see a man make a fashion blog. It mixes with a lot of classic taste and modern, all for a very original result and incredibly trend.

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 _DSC0011 IMG_2314

 And this is Barbara Valentina Grimaldi ! She is so pretty. Her style is the perfect image of Italian elegance. 

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