Winner #1


Firstly, thank you to all participants. You were great, continue like that.

Today’s winner is called Inés. She is 20 years old and she is an image consultant in Paris. The originality of the place where the photo was taken is amazing. The outfit is great. A total look black and white enhanced by a beige bag: perfect. Very chic and classic at the same time. If the details of her outfit interested you, you can visit his blog

french fashion touch

Register without delay! be beautiful, original but please be yourself and do not forget that you can participate in several.

Like a star


Celebrities are beautiful, well-dressed … but it is because they are rich and they have some stylists …
This is often the case but not always, they can have a lot of tastes. But what do they have more than us? American, French, Italian or otherwise, we idealize them. But these are women like us all. One can wear clothes at affordable prices, be as beautiful and well dressed than them. or Maybe more than them! :D (more…)

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