DIY pompon basket

Do you want an handmade decoration? If you like me currently, you have an attraction for decoration, you like the diy but you suck (or not) 🙂 So that post is made for you! I've prepared a simple video, short and very afordable for decoration trendy and cute!   I hope you'll enjoy it. Kiss you a lot 🙂

Inked without engagement

Hello hello!! Comment allez vous? Je suis super contente de pouvoir enfin vous faire cet article 🙂 Depuis quelques temps, je dirais même depuis plus d'un an maintenant, j'ai en tête de me faire tatouer. Je sais exactement ce que je veux, je l'ai d'ailleurs déjà dessiné, travaillé, re-travaillé... à maintes et maintes reprises 🙂 C'est sur je veux le faire. Alors pourquoi ne pas sauter le pas il y a bien longtemps, me direz-vous!? Bah comme beaucoup de personne, quand une idée de ce genre me traverse l'esprit, j'en parle à mes amis et à mes proches histoires d'avoir[…]

Crush on Forever 21

Hi there ! I hope you're all good And you all spent a nice weekend 🙂 What was the plan for you ? Me, "blogging" and "chill" 😀 In fact, what can what else could I do? I don't know in your city but in Paris it's now just rain and cloud, and rain and cloud... So spring looks like so far away from here 🙁 We nerd to keep smiling because normally, spring will be here very soon!!! 🙂 At the time it's pretty difficulté to resist buy some new cute spring items 🙂 We need to be ready[…]

Sales haul

Hi there! It's been so long since I wrote on the blog... and I can tell you that's the coming back make me feel so good 🙂 My life changed a lot, I've some new projects, cravings, different goals... I can't wait to tell you all this in more detail in an article 🙂    But today is a fashion day 🙂 Sales in France end and I wanted to take stock with you. Tell me how was yours in coment:) I've -like always- I've fallen on several items from the new collection,even if like everyone, I strongly waited for[…]


Ciao belle ragazze ! I hope you're all well. What have you planned this weekend ? I've a question for you : do you like L'Oréal items ? If like me it's a big YES 😀 So I have an information very interested for you 🙂 If you haven't received an invitation of the mark or you're just not aware, You have to know that yesterday was the first L'Oréal store opening in Paris 🙂 🙂 🙂 So for the biggest fan of make up  and mostly of lipsticks, go ahead, you can't be disappointed. I missed the inauguration at 10 am with a L'Oréal top[…]

No ideas for fall?

Hi you! You come back to my fashion blog? :)Nice, perfect time! Last time, I've made a selection of unavoidable items for fall and today I prepared to you different outfits ideas with the items said last time. Everything is from H&M so at very good prices 🙂 It's a short simple pos with a lot of good ideas 🙂 For any tastes. Flat shoes, heels, casual, well-dressed, classic, original...Say me which one was your favorite outfit . I let you with the selection and see you later. ♥


Hi everyone!! it's been so long... I hope everything are well in your life and a good sommer's end... I'm final back to France after my year spent in California, my move-in in Paris... I'll talk about all that later. But we now gonna talk about more serious things 🙂 or things more appropriated to the season 😀 Fall is very close... I don't really like that season but like always I love the fall fashion collection every year. That's why today, I've decided to make a selection of 10 item you really need to have to perfect 🙂 Firstly, The bodysuit! Handy,[…]
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